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Springfield Home Builders Association Home Show is a HOME-RUN!

Wow! Our team has finally recovered from the 3-day long Springfield, MO HBA Home Show. This is the second year we participated and it drew quite the crowd! By far the number one question I received was “Were you the one flying near Newark Airport last week?” Luckily I had a solid alibi and was busy setting up our display for the show! While we do not condone unauthorized drones flying near airports, we believe that the general public is over reacting to these events. The Newark scare was caused by one fixed wing pilot operating above 3600 feet who spotted the drone. What is hard to fathom is that none of the airports in the area (who have drone detection equipment) spotted the drone. Systems such as Aeroscope have proven technology to detect even the smallest of drones. While I am not saying the pilot did not see a drone, a deeper look into the situation needs to be taken! Immediately after the sighting, 43 flights were placed into a holding pattern and nine had to divert to other airports.

The second most often asked question is why are you displaying at a Home Show? The reasons are vast and the simple answer is that drones have the potential to be deployed into every business and effect everyone’s lines of work. From aerial photos for a business social media post, to progress pictures of a construction site, these are just the tip of the iceberg. What about the farmer who wants a pic of their entire property or for the daughter who wants to give her parents a special gift of a picture of their childhood home, drones are the key! We met lots of Real Estate Agents and builders staying up on the latest trends, all of which we networked with! Will they all turn into customers, probably not, but Midwest DroneWorks is now Top of Mind!